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EASY POUSS Aloe Dreadlocks - The Mist Spray – Locks moisturizing

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EASY POUSS Aloe Dreadlocks - The Mist Spray – Fresh & moisturizing: The hydrating and refreshing mist Shandrani x Aloé Locks is designed specifically for protective hairstyles (locks, braids, vanilla, twists, mats, buns, etc…).

Locks Moisturizing And Finishing Mist 250 ml

Concentrated in natural active ingredients, it soothes scalp itching, stimulates growth and stops hair loss.

Ultra-hydrating and nourishing, this treatment strengthens the scalp and hair, deeply nourishes them, restores their suppleness and shine without greasing or weighing down.

This mist revives hair straightened, colored or chemically treated. And also designed to facilitate the transition from straightened hair to natural hair to prevent breakage.

– Stimulates growth.
– Prevents the formation of forks.
– Removes dead cells and dandruff from the scalp.

– Promotes growth and activates blood circulation.

– Hydrate.
– Feeds.
– Protects the hair fiber.

– Excellent moisturizer.
– Anti-depressants.
– Anti-irritation.
– Anti-dandruff.

– Nourishes and protects.
– Anti-frizz.

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